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A light paper is the first presentation of your idea to a potential investor. It’s a document, less commonly a website, explaining the core of the project in 3-5 pages. Enriched with the wide multimedia features including analytics, infographics, video and other content resources, a light paper bears the mission of quickly inspiring with your idea and supporting efficient fundraising.

As the face of your product at early stages, a light paper has to be taken as seriously and as professionally as the whole project.


We interview the client, conduct necessary research to fully understand the idea of the project, the market and the potential niche - and develop a bright, inspiring light paper that will make your idea stand out in the ocean of ideas in search of the investor’s attention.

Time of delivery: approximately 1 week.

To raise funds from the investors during the STO, your product needs a smart contract regulating the exchange of cryptocurrency (e.g., Ether) into your tokens.

A smart contract on a decentralized platform is intended to set and control the execution of the contract without the third party involved. The transactions within the smart contract are credible, trackable and irreversible.


We collect the requirements from the client, choose the most suitable platform for fundraising, prepare the smart contracts and the investor’s cabinet.

Landing page is a starting point to find out about your project. This page gives an investor a quick glimpse into the project with essential information about the solution and links to research further. A good landing page will set the right tone with the investors attracting funds to your project.


We create a landing page from scratch and according to the needs of your project.

The first goal of marketing during the pre-STO stage is attracting investors. Your project has to be known and spoken of by the blockchain community and be easy to find once the investor is interested in it. The most popular tools for pre-STO marketing are social media pages, publications in the thematic media, provided that you already have the pre-STO information sources ready (landing page, lightpaper, etc).


We work out the optimal pre-STO marketing strategy according to the needs of your project.

Waiting for the investors to contact you by any communication means (email, phone, various messengers) can be a tiresome mission, especially for a person managing the whole project development and STO. Yet, not being there to answer on the right time can mean losing a potential investor. Customer support helps you to always be there for the investors.


We organize customer support according to your needs and time schedule.

UX/UI design is an important part of your solution influencing not only the user experience but overall satisfaction of users. Our experienced UX/UI designers thoroughly analyze the whole possible interaction of the user with your solution and create a design combining style and appeal with smooth interaction, user effort optimization and usability. We can make the user interaction easy and almost unnoticeable, and the user experience unforgettable.


We create a beautiful and user-friendly design for your solution.



White paper is the core STO document of your project for the investors to analyze. The White paper enhances further the information provided in the light paper and on the landing page, suggesting a full guide of your marketing niche, business plan, technology, solution and expected result. For the investors, a white paper is a source of information on both your product and your way of getting things done, thus a poorly done white paper can destroy the future of even the most brilliant idea.


We develop an outstanding white paper that will clearly explain your vision, show the advantages and manifest the expected success, inspiring the investor to join your project. We can either develop the white paper from scratch or finish/refine your document.

An MVP provides an opportunity to show how your product works long before the launch. It’s a primitive version containing sufficient features to interest the investors and early adopters, presenting the vision and the value of the product for the users. MVP is used to report to investors, attract further investments, test the idea with the early adopters and acquire feedback to use in the following development process.


We develop an MVP involving minimum resources to fully demonstrate the value of your product.


Smartlands, ForkDelta

Technical audit offers an independent expert opinion on the technical aspects of your project. It provides the investors with the proof that the idea is technically realizable and with the information on the current state of the development process, possible improvements and development risks. Technical audit is a necessary means to both earn trust of your investors and mark the areas of the further improvement.


Our experts conduct a technical audit of your project providing a report on the current state of your development process, possible risks, our suggestions, general conclusion and prognosis.

The full scope of STO preparation includes also financial audit/economic analysis. This measure is applied to assure the investors in the accuracy and completeness of the statements in financial documentation and reports, and in the optimal use of resources.


We engage our partner network in the blockchain community to conduct financial audit/economic analysis and provide reliable expert opinion on your project to earn trust of your investors.

For smooth and successful STO many projects engage advisors - blockchain community experts and enthusiasts that consult the project on a variety of issues like reviewing the STO documents, smart contract code, token economics; advising on marketing and branding; introducing the project to blockchain community and other useful contacts, and many other issues.


We offer at your service our contact list of various blockchain community experts and advisors in different fields. We will find the right person or people for your project to advise you on the core issues of your project and any other issues.

A roadmap is a project timeline specifying the deadlines for the main stages of the project. It gives the investors the understanding of the project workflow and the means to control the fulfillment of your obligations in terms of deadlines. A readable and clear roadmap will save the investor’s time and effort and win your project several points (as long as you respect the given deadlines).


We create a roadmap according to your requests providing a clear and easily readable source for the investors to check on the project.


Lumeos Roadmap

After your successful STO you will need a team to deliver the promised solution. The size of the team, the exact specialization of team members and the model of cooperation is up to you.


We can build the whole development team from scratch or complete your team with the missing experts.

The after-STO product development has to be tied directly to the roadmap.


We provide development, design, QA and necessary documentation, and deliver the product with respect to deadlines.

Once you have distributed your tokens, you need to allow the token keepers to trade them. This means you need to go to the crypto exchanges.


We enable trading of your tokens on the mainstream exchanges or other exchanges of your choice. We ensure the compliance with the requirements of the chosen exchanges and prepare for the certification if necessary.

Integration with cryptocurrency exchanges allows to trade and exchange your currency to other cryptocurrencies, namely the one we are integrating with, within your solution.


We provide seamless integration with the chosen cryptocurrency exchange.

Unlike the pre-STO marketing, the post-STO marketing is oriented more on the end users. As the investors are found and the funds raised, the marketing goal shifts to gaining and growing the user audience, from the early adopters to the wide audience.


We provide the full scope of marketing services for your product from branding and corporate style to supporting the launch of the product to its further promotion and marketing support.

Dedicated team is a common model of engagement for startup blockchain projects. This model enables your full control over the development process without the need to spend your time and budget on setting an office, managing recruiting, payroll and other administrative, legal or managerial issues.

A dedicated team works only on your project, is handled within SheerСhain as a part of your company and integrates to your company’s corporate culture. Your task is to manage and control the development process. Our task is to provide the convenient working environment for the team and within the team.